Triplog Day 05: Santa Teresa / Malpais / Playa Hermosa{1}

The manliest.

We decided to get extra touristy and take a morning stroll along the beach via horse-back… Instantly, I felt bad for these horses who didn’t look like they were particularly well fed and probably worked entirely too hard.

Nevertheless, we went for the ride along the beach and it was nice… Aidan and Yvonne both ride regularly so they knew exactly what they were doing. I got my horse galloping at a nice pace a couple of times and felt like I had the hang of it…

K-Dog & K-Pup just chillin’ on the beach.

On the way back Aidan and Yvonne took off along the beach and I figured I could keep pace so I got my guy going… He ran down along the shoreline and would side-step every time a wave came in throwing me off balance… As I shifted from side to side I tried to slow my guy down but he wanted to keep up with the other horses… Before I knew it I was face first in the water.

Remember that camera I just got? Well, it went in with me… Along with my prescription sunnies and my dignity. The only thing that came out with me was the camera and into a bag of rice it went right away so most pics from here on out are from Yvonne’s camera or my iPhone.

We called out main man Chocolate, told him that La Flmama Blanca and crew wanted a ride out to Playa Hermosa to eat at Koji Sushi and it did not disappoint… Seriously probably the best sushi I’ve ever had.