This B.U.D.s For You{2}

I’m not really all that up on the whole culture of collecting vinyl toys a la the Magic Pony set but when my friends do cool stuff, as they often do, I take notice. A few weeks ago, the brothers McCracken that form the design duo Doublenaut participated in Hero Design‘s “This B.U.D.s For You” toy design show and I think the end result is pretty amazing. The fellas also posted some procedural shots if you’re a nerd like me and you like to see how things are made – check ‘em out.

Doublenaut BUD

I wish I had some extra cash because I’d love to have that little fella in my home, I don’t, but maybe you do so maybe you can buy it for your home? Maybe you could buy it for my home? While you’re at it, I’d love this Adam Swinbourne jobby as well. K. Thx. Bai!

Adam Swinbourne BUD

Update: Check out the Doublenaut feature on GrainEdit.

Speaking of Dblnt; knowing that I’m a huge fan of anything and everything HWM related, yesterday Matty McC sent over the new Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves record and it’s every bit as incredible as nearly everything else Wollard has been a part of. Sounds to me more like a mix of The Replacements, Dinosaur JR and a bunch of other stuff than it does like Hot Water Music or The Draft but god damn, it’s beautiful.

Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves

Download my two favorite tracks here:
In The Middle Of The Sea | Reason To My Rhyme

I’m aware that neither of these two tracks sound like either The Replacements or Dino JR, you’d need to listen to the full record to understand that particular comparison… I don’t really know what to compare these two tracks to, you tell me?

The record is available as a pre-release on iTunes right now and CD / Vinyl will be coming soon.