We Are 138!{4}

Last Thursday I spent an hour on my lunch helping my boss, Andrea, pick out a bike up at BOW. While I was there I met this dude who was covered head to toe in the most amazing black-work… Lots of awesome Polynesian styled tattoos, bold patterns alongside some awesome, much more primitive small hand-poked tattoos… Looked awesome.

Anyway, we got to chatting and I commented on the castle / rook on his hand which looked a lot like one I’d seen recently and loved… A minute later it became clear that the reason it looked so familiar is that this guy, Adam Sage, had done the tattoo I loved and was in from Brighton (UK) as a part of Speakeasy‘s Summer Guest Tour which is awesome! Cool…

Speakeasy Tattoo

A minute later I commented on the 138 tattoo in his right ear and started to talk about that number being a bit of a thing for me (old punksters will get this) and being one of the reasons I bought my house (so I could live at 1-38 Afton), etc. etc. Wouldn’t you know it? I look over at the clock and what time is it? 1:38! Spooky!

 Adam Sage Tattoo

It’s these kind of chance encounters and random meetings in life that I enjoy more than most things – someone, somewhere in the great unknown is telling me that I was meant to meet this fella and get tattooed by him so I called the shop and booked a session. I didn’t know at the time that Adam does hand-poked tattoos exclusively but I was excited at the prospect because all of my work has been done with modern machines.

Adam Sage Tattoo

The sensations of hand-poked tattooing are interesting to say the least; not particularly painful and it doesn’t seem to cause anywhere near the trauma to the skin that machine tattooing does. I’m only 1 day in and I can already tell that it is going to heal like a dream!

Adam Sage Tattoo

It turns out that Adam is an avid cyclist, vegan and an all around RAD dude that I get along with really well which only made me that much happier that I’d made the last minute decision to get tattooed by him – he’s only here for another day but if you’re lucky you might be able to sneak in a quick session and for your sake, I recommend that you do!

Adam Sage Tattoo

Thanks Adam, it was a great pleasure meeting you / getting to know you a bit and I will wear this piece proudly for the rest of my days. Safe travels, new friend, until we meet again…

Thanks to Lizzie, Hayden, Adrian & Lisa (Speakeasy) for bringing him here and giving him a venue to practice his craft…