Stop At Nothing{14}

Recently I began work on a small bicycle information / maintenance booklet and one of the sections I’m working on focuses on bicycle security and things you can do to help “city proof” your bike. One of the suggestions that I give is to glue ball bearings into the hex heads of components that you rarely adjust such as your stem, seatpost, etc. to discourage theft.

Chris King / Ball Bearing

Sometimes I wonder if a bearing in the stem topcap might be overkill but every now and then you ride by something that reminds you that nothing is overkill. I can imagine that this person once had a nice suspension fork, front wheel and stem.

Stolen Fork

Now they’ve got a bike that they can’t ride home and some junkie has $15 worth of crack that they got for $300 worth of bike components. Bike thieves, as you might expect, get The Gas Face.

Speaking of The Gas Face