My Heart is Home / Ride or Die{13}

People on the street often ask who does my work and I have to direct them either to Steve Moore in Vancouver, Dave Munro in Newfoundland, Shawn O’Conner in Vancouver and now I can add Dan Smith from California via New Zealand to that list.

I meant to do this in December to commemorate my first anniversary as a home owner but for a variety of reasons it ended up going on the back burner. With Dan in town for a few days before he leaves for tour and other pieces being dependent on the placement of this one I figured it was about time I had it done. This photo isn’t great but you get the idea – it looks really amazing in real life.

Dan Smith Tattoo - 621

This is a bike oriented piece based on a Sugar Skull given out on the Day Of The Dead – Dia De Los Muertos. The celebration is borne of the idea, at least in part, that death is something that is with us since birth – it is not something to be feared and avoided but played with and accepted as a universal inevitability. Expect to see a few more of these popping up on some of my favorite folks in the very near future.

Dan Smith Tattoo - Ride or Die

Sorry Mom & Dad. You still love me, right?

Edit: Number 2 of 7 (?)
Ride or Die