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Barbee… Natas… Hensley… MacKaye… Nuff said.

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When I watched Pretty Sweet a while back, one of the things that kind of surprised me was how much I dug the opening song, Synthesize by Maximum Hedrum. It felt like some sort of weird Sabbath worship electronica and I couldn’t stop listening. It now makes total sense because I just found out that this is a new project from Derek Green of Sepultura. I knew there had to be a banger at the helm.

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Heavy Shreddin’ Zoo {1}

via How To Be A Retronaut

Bones Brigade {2}

I cannot tell a lie, I’m pretty pumped about the Bones Brigade documentary that will be premiering at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Bones Bridage

Watching this trailer brings back so many memories of what was one of the most important and formative times in my young life – I’m always glad I kept a lot of that stuff.

Bones Bridage

Machotaildrop {0}

As it often happens with emails and texts and basically everything else, I’ll start posts and get distracted and they’ll sit in the drafts folder and this is no exception – I meant to post this trailer months ago and was reminded about it when this here little ManWolfs shoe commercial (below) hit the interpipes this week… Don’t care much for the shoes but Machotaildrop looks pretty sweet!

Devil’s Toy {0}

Double Dragons {2}

I hate all these little fuckers that are better at 8 than I was by the time I stopped at 18. Little fuckers.

While we’re at it; a bit of an oldie (in the digital age anything over a week old is an oldie) but a goodie.

You want to hate him because he’s so god damned pretty but watching him skate is a real treat and that Graham Nash jam is deadly.

Tony Hawk Is Getting Divorced? We Care A Lot. {10}


My dear old friend Alen emailed me this link the other day, saying that he thought it was me (as noted on the site by my man Ben) – Alen would know, we’ve known each other since the 3rd grade so he is one of the few that have had the distinct pleasure of seeing the super sick Airwalk roll-up and pink Vans fanny pack in real life!

Just goes to show… Once you put something online, no matter how seemingly meaningless it would be to anyone else; it leaves the nest, takes on a life of it’s own and lives on forever.

Note to self; search Matt Rennick N00DZ immediately!

While we’re revising those old pictures… Can we talk about how god damned adorable I was?

Vintage Matt Rennick

What happened? Uggggh.

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Good Times For A Change {6}

For all the doom and gloom that comes out of the region – it’s really refreshing to watch things like this… truly heartwarming.

I think about how transformative skateboarding was in my own life and how it set in motion an ever expanding series of interests that have opened up my world in ways I’d have ever imagined. If I can’t imagine my life without skateboarding – imagine being an Afghan female and discovering a shelter from the disparity of living in a place rife with conflict, oppression, hopelessness and using it to foster a independent (yet collaborative) spirit that will hopefully allow her to go places in life she never thought possible.

“They disagree with girls wanting to pursue skateboarding as a hobby. My family are mostly on my side however my father disagrees with this hobby. When I am skating on the streets I can feel people questioning my right to skate. Their opinions are meaningless to me.”

Fuck Sheckler; this is skateboarding.

Souled Out {9}

I recently got my first Mac so I needed to call out to my friends to get all the programs, fonts etc. that I have become accustomed to over the years on the PC. My friend Matias hooked me up with a couple DVDs worth of stuff but by far my favorite was the one entitled ‘Rennick Is Gay’ which, along from a buttload of fonts and a few pieces of software that I needed, contained a few choice cuts including DMX – Soul Of A Man, Roots Rock Reggae, The Decline and The Man Who Souled The World.

Last night, rather than giving my home a much needed cleaning, I decided to flip on The Man Who Souled The World and was pretty handily sucked in. See, when I was about 8 years old (1986) I decided that I needed to have a skateboard so I began making paintings and selling them door to door for whatever I could get until I’d raised the $20 necessary to match my parent’s $20 to buy myself a Variflex from Consumers Distributing.

It wasn’t long before I got right into it, starting buying Thrasher Magazine (probably still have a bunch from this era somewhere) and figured out that I needed something better to ride so I again in 1988 set to the task of raising money, went over to Duke’s Sports in Mississauga on a big fall clearance weekend and picked up a Powell Bug with Gullwing Trucks and T-Bones wheels! The red ‘ripped’ grip tape on this thing was serious! Grown man business right there! I know I’ve got a photo of me ripping on this thing floating around somewhere…

Anyway, it was a really interesting time to get into skateboarding because so much was changing and in a few short years I watched skateboarding evolve into a totally different monster – and I liked it. I needn’t bore you with further details but I skated nearly every day for the next 8 years; I lived, breathed and ate skateboarding and I still believe that few influences shaped my life the way that skateboarding did.

Back to the film; what really piqued my interest about ‘The Man’ was the fact that, as a young man, I’d watched this sport and this culture evolve I was a part of that evolution but being as young as I was I had never thought too much about why things were changing or who was changing them. Delving back into that world some 20 years later and remembering very important moments in my young live, long since forgotten, was truly fascinating and I highly recommend that anyone who was skateboarding between the years of 1985-1995 check out this documentary – hell, anyone who is interested in finding out how we went from Z-Boys to X-Games will probably enjoy this picture film.

Because I don’t have any of my old skating pictures handy I’ll leave you with a shot of this little beauty hanging in my closet;

Rat Bones Brigade

If I had to guess I’d say that I picked this jacket up at Duke’s in 1987 or 1988 and kept it in amazing condition because, at the time, it was probably the most expensive piece of clothing I’d ever owned – I should find out what’s it’s worth, it might still be the most expensive piece of clothing that I own.

Rat Bones Brigade

This jacket used to have the illest of PP patches on the sleeves including an OG Bones Brigade 89 embroidered patch that sometime in the early 90s I cut the 89 off, probably because it made me look like I couldn’t keep up with the newest stuff. Oh, how I wish I had that patch (intact!) now.

From Vancouver With Love {2}

I first met Andrew Pommier as a jeweler in the late 90s when I was trying my hand at selling body jewelry. Towards the end of both of our careers in the jewelry business Andrew invited me to, what may have been one of his first shows(?), a show he did with Derek Hodgson – I hadn’t really seen Andrew’s work before that and I was super impressed.

I’m pretty sure that this was the same night that Adam & Dave spent clad in short shorts, cowboy boots and helmets bobbing up and down counting out their body weights in song – or maybe that’s every night for those fellas? I really, really, really wish that I’d carried around a digital camera with me in those days.

This might be one of the very last pieces that Andrew made; I think I kept the baggie it came in because I figured one day he’d become a super famous artist at which point I’d sell it for untold riches.

Andrew Pommier

Fast forward nearly a decade and Andrew is living in Vancouver, has worked with every skate company in the universe, done shows all over the world, been featured in countless publications, published a book (or two?) and most recently teamed up with Adidas to make his own signature series of shoes; Superskate Vluc Hi, Superstar and Superskate Vulc Slip-Ons. Andrew was kind enough to send out a pair of the latter for yours truly. At first I found the lack of laces kind of weird (I nearly poked holes and put fake laces on) but after a day or two in them I’m starting to adjust and I think that Andrew did an amazing job with them. Thanks, homie! You’re a great dude and a super talented guy and you deserve all the success you’ve had and will have in the future.

Andrew Pommier Adidas

Andrew Pommier Adidas

Andrew Pommier Adidas

On an unrelated note: the soles on these are super grippy and last night while riding home I stopped to avoid a dude walking out into the street to get into a car and when I stopped I couldn’t pull my feet out of my clips and I fell over. I literally said “I’m goin’ over” as I tipped over slowly Most embarrassing fall ever!