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I Was On A Mountain {0}

Most of my favorite memories growing up were hitting the mountains with my family in this rad old tent-trailer my folks had – every summer we’d pack up the family and drive across this great country of ours and beyond. We’d camp at Banff, Jasper, though the BC Rockies and eventually to Switzerland (obviously in a rented camper) where we hiked to the glacier lake at Oberhornsee.

It’s been a long, long while but the call of the mountains never leaves you. I’d been doodling these mountains and laurels on my arm for a while so Dan did just the same…

Daniel Innes Tattoo - Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

…and got to work!

Daniel Innes Tattoo - Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

As per usual, Dan Innes at The Pearl just nailed it and I couldn’t be happier.

Daniel Innes Tattoo - Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

Sorry momma.

#1 Good Boy X The Pearl. Sick Collabo! {2}

#1 Good Boy – #1 in the park and #1 in my heart. Seeing as I wear my heart on my sleeve, I figured it made sense to give lil Walty his rightful place, front and center.

Daniel Innes at the wonderful Pearl Harbor Gift Shop met the mandate perfectly; match his likeness without being too photorealistic and make it illustrative (mostly so that it’ll fit with the rest of the stuff I have & will have on my arm) without it being cartoonish.

I’ll post better pictures once it’s healed (ok, probably not) but here it is. We’ll likely go back in and darken some stuff up later if need be but it’s better to start light and darken later than go too dark and not be able to pull back. Totes obvi.

Sorry momma.

Make It Pop {0}

Everyone’s got tattoos they don’t love… Well, everyone who has a lot of tattoos, anyway. I’m fortunate enough to have a great many that I really do love and am proud to wear – I’m also ok with having a few that I’m not crazy about because for me they are all about time and place and you take a chance every time you put needle to skin. What do you do when you have one that you don’t like and it’s in your line of sight constantly? Take it as a sign that tattoos are a bad idea and keep it as a permanent reminder? Nope! Get rid of that fucker!

Such is the case for this little guy I got a while ago on my wrist. During the tattoo, the artist (who, in general, I think does really nice work) assured me that the little grey keyline was going to enhance the tattoo once it healed… I disagreed and thought it was going to make it look blown out… I was right.

Dan Innes - Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

Unfortunately being right is little consolation for having a shitty tattoo in your face every day from that day forward for the rest of your life so I asked Dan Innes at The Pearl Harbor Gift Shop to have a go at it.

Dan Innes - Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

I’m really happy with how he handled it without making it just a giant black blob on my wrist until the end of time. Once it heals we’ll probably go back in and hit it with some more black but Dan didn’t want to go too dark if we didn’t have it. It’s easier to add later than to take away. True story!

Dan Innes - Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

Thanks again, Dan! As always, I’m super happy and really appreciate your ability to turn turds into gold! Well, and make gold appear from thin air as well but the point stands.

Sorry, Momma.

Stay Dirty, My Friends {1}


As the mighty, mighty Dirt Balls… 7 time champs… Toronto’s winningest dodgeball team of all time embark on our first season back from a long hiatus, I hit up Kris to make a little mark for me and he absolutely killed it – so stoked.

Sorry, momma.

Mighty Kuti Fiyo! {0}

I like getting tattooed at The Pearl a lot – it’s full of good folks, super talented tattooers and (as I’ve gushed over several times in the past) the space itself is second to none.

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop - Toronto

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop - Toronto

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

I’m starting to fill my left arm up with black and grey floaters and I figured my man Dan Innes would be a good fit for this little Tipi I’ve been doodling in my workbook for the last many months.

…he took that and mixed it with references from a book called “Manners & Customs of the American Indians” from the 1800s which was perfect…

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop - Toronto

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop - Toronto

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop - Toronto

I decided to throw a little Doublenaut jammer in there for good measure and Dan knocked it in.

Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

It’s healing well and I’m super, super happy with it! It’s nice to have this arm back on track…

Sorry, Momma.

Triplog Day 04: Meat Packing > Coney Island > Brooklyn {0}

After a monumentally unproductive day yesterday, we decided to get up reasonably early and head back up to the Meat Packing District to check out that Levi’s flagship store and pick up a few things…

We tried to go for brunch at some shi-shi spot at the base of The Standard but we knew before we even sat down that it wasn’t our scene and high-tailed it the fuck outta there! I’ve got a limit, and that limit is 6 sweaters tied over shoulders before I’m sure I’m in the wrong place…

Little Tykes on Track Bykes.

I didn’t have any time to hang out on the Highline but before we left for Coney Island I decided to hop up and have a look-see. I wish that they’d turn the Gardiner into a huge elevated park…

We pulled over to check directions and were dazzled by really some impressive sky writing… I mean, I’m sure that there is some technology that allows them to do this much easier, but still, flying and writing stuff in the sky is impressive no matter how you slice it.

Nathan’s Famous – I don’t know why they don’t make a veggie corn-dog to sell here, it would have been huge!

Wait, can we get a better look at that?

Straight Edge Hot Dog Revenge!!!

We spent a little while at the Coney Island History Project which was pretty rad and made me glad that we made the trip to a place with such a rich and varied history.

The famed Coney Island Dancers were in full effect.

Not to be out-done, The Rennick steps in to show them what’s up.

Oh, you didn’t know the big man could move like that, hey?

The Cyclone – Secretly Canadian?

After Coney we headed into Brooklyn for the Rumblers NYC Hot Rod show under the BQE.

Apparently some HA dude got in a fistfight with a cop and when we got there the cops were clearing everyone out. Kind of a bum out but we still got to see lots of bad-ass cars and bikes.

Less than a 10 second ride from the Rumblers’ show is Flyrite Tattoo where my dear friend Jordan works.

We set up an appointment for a little trip zapper and headed over to The Brooklyn Star for some suds and grub. Like most of the places we went on this trip, the Vegan options were slim (read: non-existant) but they were willing to modify something for me…

…It was a salad… Yay… At least it was fucking delicious but I could have eaten three of them. Needless to say, I had dinner #2 a short while later.

We got back to Flyrite and our appointment had been pushed back because the girl before us showed up more than an hour late and we were pretty close to bailing on the whole thing but we stuck it out and Mike & Fernando went to town on us.

Mike, who did Carlos’ & Kris’ tattoos had this rad old Triumph out front which was beautiful but I can’t imagine it would be much fun to ride in NYC where the streets make Toronto’s look like they’ve been freshly paved with baby asses.

We tried to go to Union Pool which was super close to Flyrite but even with Mike knowing the door-guy really well, it was just too packed so we opted to go over to a bar that he owns, in part, in Greenpoint and that ruled!

The bar doesn’t really have a name but it’s reasonably well documented and easy to find and well worth a visit… The bar looks rad inside, plays huge amounts of stoner metal and has a giant backyard patio that is rivalled by nothing back at home.

We stayed sober enough at No Name to ride over to Dumont Burger where they were supposed to have a vegan burg I could mow down on. They didn’t, but it was a good time none the less!

This night was super fun and I wanna thank Jordan, Ryan, Christine & Mike for showing us a great time!

Moto Momma {0}

Sportster 48 - Momma Rennick

That’s The Way Things Are Sometimes…
Most Of The Time

I met up with my brother from another mother (and continent) Adam Sage on Saturday morning and he set me up with one of these fancy little bandanas.

Adam Sage Scarf

There is a small stock at Bikes On Wheels, otherwise you can order them via Urban Hunter from the UK.

He also set me up with some of these awesome Ghosts of Roubaix prints that he had made while he was here, just in time for Paris-Roubaix which begins next week in France.

Adam Sage - Ghosts of Roubaix

We’d made plans to get some dinner on Sunday night before he headed back across the pond but we both had some time on Sunday afternoon and he was gracious enough to bless this mess with another little souvenir before chow-down.

Adam Sage

Let loose your arrows; fire quickly and straight for the heart.

Adam Sage

Sorry, momma.

Thanks to the Speakeasy folks for letting me in on family dinner at Tati which was delicious and they were very accommodating of both Adam’s and my “food problems” aka veganism.


I’m bummed that we only found (or made, rather) the time in the last couple of days to hang out when he has been here for the last month because Adam is a truly talented individual an amazing guy – the likes of which I’m proud to call a friend. Safe travels, hombre.

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The Donald {0}

Dan Innes - Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

Thanks Dan Innes!

Dan Innes - Pearl Harbor Gift Shop

Sorry, momma.

Buckle Up {3}

My bud Kris (aka The Bod, aka that bearded dreamboat from The Beacs) has been tattooing for a little bit now and I’ve been talking shit about getting him to tattoo me since he began his apprenticeship so I figured it was time to man up and nail ‘er shut.

It very nearly ended up looking like this…

Kris Sharon - Helmet Tattoo

See, especially when I first got my moto and the bars were much higher I sat super upright and Kris would rip on me, suggesting that I started the Perfect Posture Motorcycle Club.

I thought that the books were fucking hilarious but I decided in the end that I’d rather regret not getting an inside joke tattoo that I wasn’t 100% on than getting it and realizing I just wanted the helmet, plain and simple.

Kris Sharon - Helmet Tattoo

And so, there she is! I’m super stoked on it and I think it’s some of Kris’ best work yet. I’m sure he’d have rather done the fun tattoo but he should be happy that he got to do the one that I really wanted most.

Kris Sharon - Helmet

Sorry, Momma.

Holden William Frederick Killen

While we’re at it; Scotty was nice enough to lace Sean with a little celebratory tattoo in honor of the birth of his son, Holden.