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The Build Film

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Andrew Mitchell Wrecking Ball Lamp

The Wrecking Ball Lamp by Andrew Mitchell

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Shwood Makers Series {0}

Holiday Customs

Beam & Anchor

ADX Portland

Thangs & Stuff & Stuff & Thangs & Stuff… {1}


Too Fast To Live {0}

Death Spay Custom - Too Fast To Live

13 signed & numbered prints
A2 size (594x420mm / 23.4×16.5in) Archival Giclée Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 320gsm Pearl paper

100% of profits donated to Combat Stress, a charity dedicated to help veterans recover from psychological trauma received from frontline conflict.

Too bad I have no wall space left.

Now Panic & Freak Out {1}

Last night my special lady friend asked where the Keep Calm & Carry On poster came from which reminded me that I’d had this video in the drafts folder for months. So, this is where it came from…

ABCs of Architects {1}

A Short Visual Study Of Decorated Skin {0}

Courtesy of Thomas Hooper

MOTO {0}

The Brothers’ McCracken just released a new Moto Print which would make a great addition to any art or bike nerd’s collection…

Doublenaut - Town Moto Print

Especially if you were lucky enough to have snagged one of the (now sold out) Velo prints over the last couple of years.

Doublenaut - Moto Velo Print

Also don’t miss out on the Town Moto Vintage Playing Card print.

Double Vision {0}

$80 Artisanal Snotrags {0}

Deeeaaalllsss… Deeeeaaaallllssss… Deeeeeaaaaalllllsssss! {0}

Town Moto Online Pop-Up Shop

Buy Stuff {0}

I haven’t had much (read: ANY) time to do anything on the blog as my life has been totally commandeered by work (which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily) but until I get back to regular stuff, some of the buds are having Black Friday (I know, I know, we’re not ‘Murican…) sales so check ‘em out!

Bikes On Wheels Black Friday

Doublenaut Black Friday

The Dire And Ever Circling Wolves {0}

China Mike - Wolves

China Mike via Juxtapoz

Holt Renfrew X Doublenaut. SICK COLLABO ALERT!!! {0}

Nice work, buds!